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Why Write Journals?

Ged, a friend of CADAS, wrote this wonderfully insightful piece about the power of journaling. He wanted us to share it with you all in the hope it will inspire others. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did:

I wish to start this writing by ensuring that you, Dear Reader, realise that it is very much my personal view of the power of journaling.

So, here goes. Yes, we can all gain hindsight if we simply write our current journal as spontaneously as possible, and ensure that we hide nothing from ourselves. When we read later what our thoughts, feelings and actions were when we encountered the ups and downs of our lives – then we can, with ‘hindsight’, gain the deeper gift of ‘insight’… You can benefit so much as you read about yourself; having placed yourself as the main character in your journal. As if witnessing a play taking place before you, you can watch this character’s performance in a far more detached way, reading this script in your hand.

And here comes now my own personal plea to you, my friend, to keep these journals in a safe, private place – they are, after all, for your eyes only. If these incidents you have written about were stressful at the time, they will eventually recede in importance. But the way you felt about how you played your role can still remain, as similar happenings reoccur in your life.

The power, for me, behind keeping very powerful, personal journals lies in the way they bear witness to who we are as players in this theatre of life. If you keep these journals close by, re-reading them, you come to realise that not only were you the originator of these past roles, you are now a witness to them, and also the judge, performer, member of the audience, theatre critic, all in one. Do we really want to have this play on in London’s West End? Go public? After all it is based on your private, personal life – nothing to do with anybody else. Will others judge you unfavourably? Will you receive rave reviews or horrible criticism? Yes… if you have written candidly and honestly in the past, then you could be very easily by far the most dreadful critic and judge – unless, however, over the years, you have changed, learned from past mistakes, mended broken relationships, become far wiser and stronger. Yes, the power of journaling can achieve this!

It asks however the following from you:


Have you written honestly and openly to yourself?

Do you really want to contain your life and make sense of it and take account of yourself?

Or would you prefer to see life simply as one day at a time? Taking one breath and one step at a time? Sun rising and falling, letting the days simply breeze by with no record of who you are?

It seems to me that ‘happy, lucky chance’ lives here where there is no structure of order only chaos and mayhem and we may just be lucky by chance. No! I will not believe I have no

control over my life. The law of attraction tells me that what we attract into our lives depends on knowing who we really are. If we feel negative we will attract negativity to a point where we will deem that even the weather has personality and feelings and we will judge that today this weather is miserable. Journaling helps us to watch ourselves as we have acted and behaved with the choice to change ourselves if we wish and thus attract happiness and wellbeing.

We can change our lives by recalibrating, through changing our beliefs, views, opinions. We can change our compass bearings so that we travel through joyful surroundings to heavenly destinations, journaling them from our deep honest depths and receiving wise gifts of hindsight and insight. We become good and happy wanderers on our lives’ journeys. We become self-confident to the point where we eventually decide to share our journaled life voyages so that we can help others.

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