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When can we leave the house? Latest advice for carers in lockdown

‘Exercise more than once the day outside the home is acceptable’ for carers caring for people with a significant health condition, according to the latest advice from Carers Support Cumbria. The consortium of the five charities who support carers across the county also points out that it is important to consider your own mental health as well as your physical health when making the decision and, of course, always to follow the standard guidelines and keep 2m away from people outside your own household while out. If you need to leave the house to get help, in a medical emergency, that is also perfectly legal.

You can download the full guidance here.

This clarification of the law has been published in partnership with Cumbria Constabulary, Cumbria County Council and Cumbria CVS. Cumbria Police are fully supportive of this guidance but may still stop carers and carees when they are out, just to clarify the situation. Carers simply need to explain the situation and can show officers this guidance if they find that helpful. If they still get into difficulty, carers are advised to contact their local charity:

Carer Support South Lakes: 01539 815970

Carlisle Carers: 01228 542156

Eden Carers: 01768 890280

Furness Carers: 01229 822822

West Cumbria Carers: 01900 821976

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