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Walking groups starting in Whitehaven, Barrow and Carlisle | Could you help spread the word?

Jacqui Wallace, CADAS Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, has been tasked with organising some wellbeing activities this spring and summer, particularly in Copeland (Whitehaven and around). The idea is to offer things that tick the 5 Ways to Wellbeing boxes of: connect, keep active, learn, give and notice and she’s spent her first months contacting as many clients and staff as she can to find out what would be most popular.

It turns out that walking (and eating cake) is something people fancy doing (in Cumbria? Who knew?) and so she’s setting up new groups in Whitehaven and Barrow, and we’re restarting the Carlisle group on Thursday 1 July. We have walk leaders for the Whitehaven, Barrow and Carlisle groups but Jacqui would love to hear from you if you’d like to be a second responsible person – maybe not every week but on a rota.

If you can’t help on the walks, perhaps you can help spread the word? The first Barrow walk is planned for Monday 14 June at 6pm and the Carlisle group plans to restart on Thursday 1 July at the slightly earlier time of 1pm, from the CADAS centre on Victoria Place.

Please tell clients and friends about them and if they’re keen to be involved, then let Jacqui know so we can get them signed up. Walks are very short and urban – no fell-climbing involved – and will be followed by a get-together at a local café for a chat and a slice of cake (on us!). We can also get some posters emailed out to you if you could put them up and they will be on our FB page and website of course ASAP.

Jacqui’s also got a wonderful Wellbeing Taster Day planned for 10am-4pm on Thursday 29 July at the Senhouse Centre in Whitehaven.  Jacqui and Phil (from CADAS in Carlisle) will offer a day of yoga/mindfulness/tai chi… and cupcake decorating (and eating!). It would be great if you could come along, but even better if you could spread the word for us.

And the Carlisle Creative Writing group is hoping to start back up face-to-face (instead of on Zoom) from the first Tuesday in July, too.

So, what’s next? Volunteers have offered line dancing, parenting classes and teaching EFT and other personal development techniques – but if you have any other ideas please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact Jacqui – with offers of help, or for booking forms and publicity materials or just with your brilliant ideas – on 07835 685123 or (Jacqui works for us part-time so please allow a bit of time for a response.)


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