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Walk into your Spring

As you know, CADAS has been a partner in Active Cumbria’s ‘Walking for Health’ project for quite a while now, training staff and volunteers to lead short group walks for people of any level of fitness around the county.  Whilst Covid restrictions were in place, these had to be halted, but with spring in the air and restrictions lifting, things are looking up again for getting out and about.

Group Health walking event

You may have been a little sedentary over the past year and as a result, feel a bit demotivated where being active is concerned – but even a gentle stroll out has enormous physical and mental health benefits. Getting out the door is the first and hardest step and the one thing that even the most toughened athletes can find hard to do at times!  But once you’re out that door, you’re on your way to a healthier you.

If you’re trying to quit or avoid alcohol or drugs, even just a 30-minute stroll in the park could keep you focussed on something other than withdrawal symptoms or cravings.  Regular exercise can also help relieve anxiety and/or depression which often arises during recovery.  A regular exercise routine also adds structure to your life, which is important when you’re trying to get back on your feet in recovery.

Just being outdoors can boost your mood and if the sun decides to play out, you’ll get that added Vitamin D too that we’re all short of during the winter months.

And then there’s the distraction factor which can be really important during recovery and especially if you’re battling with cravings.  Going out for a walk is a healthy way to lessen those stressful thoughts and gain and sense of purpose and achievement which can counterbalance the more negative feelings and emotions.

Staff and volunteers have trained through Active Cumbia to become Walk Leaders and they will be leading free organised walks suitable for those new or returning to activity. Walks take place over easy ground, starting somewhere local to you… and (most importantly) finishing with a brew and a chat in a café (indoors or outside) – a lovely opportunity to connect with others which is also a vital component of our overall wellbeing.

Group walks not only provide a great opportunity to improve your health through regular exercise but also to explore your local area whilst meeting new people. Walks are suitable for people of all ages and abilities and our leaders will ensure that you can walk at a pace that you find comfortable.

We’d like to get these walks started again as soon as possible, so If you’re interested in finding out more about our organised walks throughout the county, please get in touch with Jacqui Wallace (Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinator for CADAS) 07835685123 or email

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