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Here at CADAS we offer a wide range of training to external professionals, as well as an extensive training package to our own volunteers.

Our professional training courses range from general drug and alcohol awareness, to seminars on specific substances (for example; Volatile Substance Abuse). We also offer bespoke in-house training that is tailored to specific organisational need.

Additionally to become a CADAS Volunteer, individuals are required to undergo a package of training specific to their role. This is then supplemented by continued professional development courses throughout their time with us.

You can find details of all our upcoming training below.

Volunteer Training

Volunteer Introductory Course

Our Volunteer Introductory Course is for anyone interested in becoming a CADAS Volunteer. Over the course of a full day at one of our centres, potential volunteers learn about CADAS, our ethos, how we understand substance use, addiction and change, the work we do and the opportunities and induction process for supporting our work. Continue Reading

Additional Training

In addition to our core two-week and fourteen-week volunteer training courses, we also offer a range of continued professional development courses to our volunteers. Continue Reading

Useful Resources

Unit Calculator

Think you might be drinking too much? Use DrinkAware's handy unit calculator to work out how many units of alcohol you are consuming along with recommended weekly guidelines.

Click Here

Drug A-Z

Want to know more about drugs? Their nicknames, effects and risks? FRANK has a fantastic drug A-Z where you can find all of the information you need.

Click Here


Are you waiting for recovery support? Would you like to know how to support yourself in the meantime? We have 10 self-care tips that could help you.

Click Here

Legal Highs

Want more information on New Psychoactive Substances (legal highs)? Including the effects, risks and their legality? FRANK has some fantastic information for you.

Click Here

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