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Safe Needle disposal is now available in Cumbria thanks to a ‘Be Sharp Smart’ Project by CADAS

The project that aims to better understand the needs of people using Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs started in October 2021.

It allows for people to obtain free, clean, medical-grade sharps and provides a place where used needles can be safely disposed of.

People are also given information about how to use IPEDs safely and have the opportunity to talk to a CADAS professional about any issues they are concerned about.

Prior to this project, there haven’t been any facilities to safely dispose of used needles from IPED use in Cumbria since 2010.

CADAS are aware of how many people use IPEDS which can include drugs such as anabolic steroids, fat burners, growth hormones, and peptides. IPEDS is often referred to as steroids, roids, juice, or gear – but are more prevalent than ever in certain areas of the community, where usage is often well hidden.

Phil, who is in leading this project says: “I am pleased with the progress we are making across Cumbria, but there are still many people out there who may need our help and support. This project really wants to take away any stigma or judgment that any IPED users may feel, and CADAS wants to provide a safe and non-judgemental space where people can find the support they need”.

He added: “There are individuals in Cumbria who are using steroids or other IPEDS and have fears and anxiety associated with their use, and we want to help talk through those fears and make sure that people are safe and educated.”

The new CADAS pilot scheme is being funded by Cumbria County Council. Individuals can contact Phil, who will give them a code to use on the website The code allows them to order free medical grade sharps from the national not-for-profit organisation to be delivered to an address of their choice and also to obtain some harm reduction advice.

If you would like any more information on this project or want to speak to someone in the strictest of confidence about you or someone you know and their IPED usage, please call Phil C on 0300 111 4002 or email




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