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Online resources in uncertain times

There are so many free online resources for looking after yourself during these strange times. Here are just a handful to get you started…

Making sleep a priority

We know that many people have been struggling to sleep during the pandemic and so we commissioned ex-CADAS youth worker and freelance yoga instructor (among other things), Jacqui Wallace, to make a video especially for us about the importance of sleep and how to maximise it. It’s 45min long and includes a guided yoga nidra (which Jacqui describes as halfway between being asleep and awake – also known as yogic sleep). It’s exclusively available to visitors to our website and you lucky people can find it here:

A guide to looking after yourself and others

Great booklet packed with practical tips on how to manage wellbeing – from coping with stress to working from home, from keeping children safe to structuring your day – during the pandemic, produced by Every Life Matters.

Wellbeing and mental health during COV-19

Advice for supporting young people’s mental health (during disruption)

Free advice for young and people and for parents and carers from the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families – videos, free resources, activities and more.

Free tapping meditations

At CADAS we’ve been using tapping, and training our clients in using tapping, for years. It’s a great way to manage your stress and this free-to-install app has some short tapping meditations to use with all the family.

Together We

Janine Ward at Together We (in Workington) was self-isolating pretty early on and she’s made some basic videos about looking after yourself and your mental health during the pandemic.


Calm is a web app that provides a relaxing meditation right in your browser. You can use this to relieve pent-up stress during the day and increase productivity while working. Calm will provide you with soothing images, sound and instructions for two, ten, or twenty-minute sessions. 


Just a chatty kind of ‘Down Your Way’-style podcast by a former farmer and guidebook writer from Castle Carrock about our local landscapes if you’re missing being ‘out there’.

iCan Fitness at Home

Subscribe to fitness videos at home, recorded at iCan Fitness in Carlisle, for only £10 a year.

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