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No Smoking Day 2021: It’s not too late to ‘QuitForCovid’

It might seem counter-intuitive, but the past year has proved to be a really good time for people to give up smoking.

Just as, at CADAS, we’ve heard from clients for whom the pandemic has been helpful in managing their substance use as well as clients for whom it has made things harder – lots of people have found that the reduced peer pressure, reduced social drinking and factors like spending more time with their children during lockdown, have made it easier to give up.

Over one million people gave up smoking between March and July 2020. Those people have been saving money ever since, at a time when so many people’s finances are precarious, and also enjoying better mental health than people in the continual cycle of addiction and withdrawal that comes with a regular smoking habit. And the physical benefits of not smoking (which puts such a huge burden on the NHS) start from the moment you smoke your last cigarette.

Our volunteer, Peter, who runs our Creative Writing group, was one of those one million people. He gave up smoking 9 months ago now. ‘My money’s going a lot further now,’ he says, ‘and I can really feel the health benefits as I go for my regular walks in Carlisle and, sometimes, in the Lake District, too.’ Peter has found having a nicotine spray handy has been a help for him – and there are lots of other aids available, too, which could help you break the habit. It’s not easy to make a big change – but it’s much easier with a little help…

If you’d like to quit smoking there are lots of resources on the NHS smokefree website:

And you can download our own self-help guide as a PDF here:

Stop Smoking Booklet 2021

Could Wednesday 10 March 2021 be THE day for you to start your smokefree life?

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