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Make sleep a priority – here’s how

How have you been sleeping lately? Struggling with anxious or intrusive thoughts? Just unable to ‘switch off’? You’re not alone but if you’re not getting 7 hours sleep a night you’re making yourself more vulnerable to all sorts of things – from weight gain to heart disease – and if you go long enough without sleep it’s even equivalent to having alcohol in your system. Not the greatest state to be in for adult behaviour as we all know. But there are lots of things you can do to get better sleep and one of our good friends is on hand to explain them in a new video specially-produced for CADAS…

My name is Jacqui Wallace and for the past 20 years, I have been working for various charities within Cumbria, mostly working with young people to help and support them to realise their potential, improve their well-being and find their own resources to cope with the ups and downs of life. Between 2005-08 I actually worked for CADAS in the South Lakes area as a Peer Educator in what was their young people’s service (‘Straightline’ – which some of you may remember?)

I left CADAS in 2008 to work for the Brathay Trust  where I was the Cumbria Project Manager for the next 9 years, creating and developing a wide range of projects for disadvantaged young people and young adults.

Just over 3 years ago, I also completed my Yoga Teacher Training in India and decided to take a leap of faith and go freelance at the end of 2018 – still involved with developmental work in a residential capacity for Brathay, but also balancing my time with teaching yoga, mindfulness techniques and more recently Thai Yoga Massage in my home town.

Like so many of us, all my work came to a grinding halt due to Covid 19 (I did say it was a leap of faith!), but I’ve been continuing my yoga teaching online and I’ve also been creating some online wellbeing resources for various charitable organisations around the county.

Knowing that poor sleep has been a huge issue during the pandemic – it was for me, too, to begin with – and how important it is for our wellbeing in general, CADAS CEO, Leigh Williams, also got in touch and asked me to develop a video about sleep and a technique to improve your sleep, using the ancient practice of yoga nidra (or yogic sleep).

That video has now been published on the CADAS YouTube channel and is exclusively available to CADAS staff, clients, volunteers and visitors to this website. You can find it here:

Thank you for reading and… sweet dreams!

If you’re interested in joining Jacqui’s online Zoom yoga classes or talking to her about any private 1:1 work, then please feel free to email her at


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