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Lessons in Living Well from Lockdown

The furlough time was a mixed bag of emotions for me as being around my wife and two boys was not only amazing but in regards to my kids it was essential. My wife works on the front line for the NHS and has constantly been involved with positive Covid patients, thankfully she has been well through the summer. She is my rock and the fear of her getting unwell impacted myself and the kids. We’ve all felt the battle to stay mentally well, my son is 13 and should have spent the summer out with his mates, all our sports were cancelled and as with everyone contact with others has been seriously limited. It’s been challenging to keep a distance form my parents and friends.

Work wise I’m used to working with a tightly knitted group of professionals who are not just colleges they’re true friends. Although we have remained in contact via messenger the loss I’ve felt from  not being with them has been difficult. There has been many positive aspects during the lockdown, I have had many lovely walks with my family and spent days gaming, chatting and eating great food with them. The eating part became our outlet for stress and with the gyms shut and limited physical ability to take on outdoor sports I have felt the strain on the old belt buckle. However I believe that some comfort food during times of dis-comfort is an acceptable coping mechanism.

I have spent a great amount of time being creative as I produce electronic music, this time has been invaluable and has sparked a chain reaction of creativity with other music producers online. Again not ideal but ok for a bit of fun. So now on the return to work. I’m back and I’m helping people which is what I’m good at, I find I’m at my best when I am being of service to others. We are working in a new and challenging way offering support to those in need via the phone or online. So what have I learned…

I have learned that the most important and valuable things in life are often the ones we have in the palms of our hands yet fail to recognise in the rat race we call life. I have learned that the most important thing in life is time, time with the people I love and the people I value. I have recognised that no matter at which point in our journeys we are maintaining or working on ourselves physically and mentally is so important as mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing and happiness are not given they are earned through hard work.

Here are some of the things I have focused on to keep myself and those around me well. You can start by implementing one per day or per week. Do some, choose a few or do your own thing but do something to stay well.

  • Wake early
  • Hydrate
  • Work hard
  • Eat healthy
  • Be available
  • Exercise
  • Be with family
  • Rest often
  • Play games
  • Care for people
  • Be creative
  • See friends
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Remain present
  • Be consistent
  • Meditate
  • Sleep well
  • Don’t forget to breath and
  • Repeat!

I also live with a chronic pain condition and know through my own personal journey through drug addiction into recovery and to recovered that pain can mean many things to many people so here’s a poem to hopefully inspire some emotion…

Be well and good luck on your journey.

Moments of peace 

Let us not forget the moments of peace, the times when the pain subsides and there’s energy to burn.
Stiffness fades away even if it’s only for one day.
We become who we used to be and in these moments we are truly free.

Let us not forget the moments of peace, the times when the fog clears and the sounds of the birds resonate in our ears
As the wind drifts over our faces, the rain falls gently on the window tapping a beautiful melody.
We are alive and in these moments we are truly free. 


You may only get a moment a day, a moment a week, a moment a month, but don’t let them pass by without allowing yourself to be in them.

Remember to breath, everything passes… nothing is permanent…

Phil Caine, 2020 the year of the pandemic!

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