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Last year novice cyclist Jane Hawkins cycled 383km from Vietnam to Cambodia and raised £982 for us.
Just after lockdown this year, John Sherlock, unable to run the cancelled Manchester Marathon for CADAS, ran 26 miles on his treadmill instead and raised £1132. (Read more here.)
People are just amazing!

But it doesn’t have to be that hard.
How about doing Stoptober (giving up smoking) or Dry January (giving up drinking).
Make up your own health or wellbeing challenge?
How many days of meditation can you manage, or could you go chocolate-free for a month?

If you have a challenge that you’d like to set yourself, and want to give yourself that extra motivation by asking friends and family to sponsor you for CADAS, you can set up a fundraising page for us on Virgin Money Giving by clicking here to register and then get cracking.

Our CEO, Leigh, raised £319 this year just by having a birthday.
She used the Donate button on Facebook to ask her friends to mark the occasion with a small donation.

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Health & Well-being Activities

Drop-in Sessions

These are free informal sessions run by staff and volunteers where you can have a chat about how we can help, get information about services or substances or just catch up with others and have a hot drink.

Volunteer Programme

We have a range of volunteer opportunities available for those who are waiting for, or currently involved with our recovery services. Get in touch to find out what’s happening at a location near you.

Other Activities

We regularly run a range of other activities you can get involved in, including arts and crafts sessions, tai chi classes, and craft workshops. Get in touch to find out what’s happening at a location near you.

Emily's Story
“When I first came to CADAS I was really down about the problems I was facing, but talking about them has put them in to context and made me realise that I am not the bad person I feel I am"

Useful Resources

Unit Calculator

Think you might be drinking too much? Use DrinkAware's handy unit calculator to work out how many units of alcohol you are consuming along with recommended weekly guidelines.

Click Here

Drug A-Z

Want to know more about drugs? Their nicknames, effects and risks? FRANK has a fantastic drug A-Z where you can find all of the information you need.

Click Here


Are you waiting for recovery support? Would you like to know how to support yourself in the meantime? We have 10 self-care tips that could help you.

Click Here

Legal Highs

Want more information on New Psychoactive Substances (legal highs)? Including the effects, risks and their legality? FRANK has some fantastic information for you.

Click Here


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