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Continuing drug and alcohol support for schools

At CADAS, we offer a wide range of services which can be of real and lasting benefit to pupils, their parents and to teachers and support staff working at schools.

We want to be able to support your community in whatever way we can and we would love it if you would let staff, pupils and parents know about our services and how we can help to support anyone who needs it.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic we are still ‘open for business’ and running virtual one-to-one support sessions. So, for example, if a teacher or parent is concerned that a young person is using substances to cope during this stressful time, they can refer the child to us.

We can also offer support to children who are negatively affected by a parent’s problematic drugs or alcohol use. That is likely to involve addressing the child’s mental health, supporting them and helping them find their way through the situation. For example, we would ask the child who they have around them they could turn to if necessary and what their safety plan might be if things got too much for them. Similar one-to-one sessions and virtual group sessions are available for adults who need support.

It’s worth remembering that the majority of CADAS’s clients are employed and this, of course, includes some clients from the education sector. So we’re here for teachers, too. Our sessions focus on working with clients to reduce the harm they might be doing to themselves by changing their behaviours.

Between January and March 2021 we have funding to actively support youth groups and schools in the Furness area for free. Please get in touch if you would like us to deliver something for you or provide you with any drug or alcohol resources and/or training for your team so that you run deliver it yourself. CADAS are also funded by BBC Children in Need until 2023 to deliver 6-session programmes to small gorups which combine a focus on drugs and alcohol with young people’s community activism.

For support or for advice on how to refer a young person into our services please contact 0300 111 4002 or email

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