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Carlisle United Apprentices score highly in their Social Action Project


In April 2021 our Young People worker for North Cumbria, Jen Marrs, worked with nine young people aged between 16 and 18 who are completing their apprenticeships with Carlisle United Football Club. The young people participated in five awareness sessions focusing on issues they felt they needed more information about, including drug and alcohol awareness and sexual health, with the final goal being to use their new knowledge and understanding to deliver a social action project to share with the wider community.

The aims of the project were to:

  1. Upskill and address the health needs of young people in our communities
  2. Build and deliver a health campaign message to share with young people
  3. Signpost peers to support and advice services relevant to their health needs.

The apprentices helped design the sessions so they contained information that was relevant to them personally. After completing the sessions and demonstrating their understanding of the topics covered, the apprentices chose to create a video about alcohol awareness. This involved them researching key information to be included, about safe and unsafe levels of drinking, alcohol units and the effects of drinking alcohol and top tips for staying safe on a night out. Finally, the young people used a variety of digital equipment to create the imagery and voiceovers for the video and combined them into one final piece. The full video can be viewed on CADAS’ Youtube channel:

http://: and Facebook page:

The whole project was a great success. CADAS Worker, Jen commented:

‘The young people engaged really well and it is encouraging to see them so much motivated during these difficult times. This project provided them with a focus to think about their own wellbeing and supporting others within their community.’

The young people also felt it was a positive experience. As well as the structure and content of the sessions, Jen’s positive attitude and delivery were complimented too. Feedback from the apprentices included:

‘‘I really enjoyed the workshops. They were made fun and enjoyable.’

‘I have learnt from this how to not always drink too much because its stays in the body for ages, so thanks.’


‘I have really enjoyed it.’

Finally, Teresa Mulholland, Traineeship Co-ordinator at Carlisle United said:

‘I would just like to say the CADAS social action project has been greatly beneficial for our trainees. The opportunity to be part of this project has allowed the students the opportunity to gain more in depth knowledge around alcohol/drugs and sexual health whilst also taking ownership to share this message to their peers in the wider community.

‘The sessions were informal yet extremely informative and the students really enjoyed your infectious personality which put them at ease from the onset.

‘This experience has given the students a new skill set to add to their CV; demonstrating that they have been part of a community project and sharing a really important message.’


We would like to thank our Young People Worker, Jen, for organising and delivering the sessions; Teresa from CUFC for allowing us to work with the apprentices; and the young people themselves for being so enthusiastic in developing their own understanding and creating the video and poster.


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Kind regards,

Leigh, Emma and the CADAS team




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