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A little bit of Cadas history and what we are about

Cadas was founded in 1979 by a group of concerned individuals and professionals in the field who wanted to provide a service for the people of Cumbria who suffered from the effects of alcohol and drugs. It was registered as a charity in the same year.

Mission Statement

Cadas primary objective is to enhance the lives of people in Cumbria through the reduction of harm caused to them by the use or misuse of alcohol and drugs, by providing them with an opportunity to work towards living in a more satisfying and resourceful way.

It became a Company Limited By Guarantee in 1993 (number 2585199) but remains a Registered Charity (number 1002201).

Our values are:- Openness, Honesty, Integrity, Innovation, Flexibility, Creativity, Commitment, Reliability and Passionate Professionalism

In the last 30 years Cadas has grown to its current size with around 13 paid staff and some 40 volunteers, operating from 4 Centres across Cumbria.

We continue to provide our recovery service  to individuals and offer help to families, communities and employers with training and information provision

We believe that our major strengths are our independence, our commitment to people and communities, our inclusive approach and our accessibility.

If you are ready for change, we can help to bring it about with you for you, and your family and friends, and for your community.


PLEASE help us develop our services by completing this quick online survey. We really value your support and we want to develop the best services for you and our community. In order to do this we need your feedback. This helps us demonstrate to funders what is needed and contributes to the sustainability of Cadas and our services. The results are completely anonymous.


View and Download Cadas’ latest Annual Report below;

Annual Repcadas-annual-report-april-15-march-16ort 2014-2015

View and Download Cadas’ Strategic Plan below;


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If you would like a member of staff at Cadas to call you back for information or to refer yourself into our service, then please Contact Us and we will get in touch.

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